Laura Van Tassel

Laura Van TasselLaura Van Tassel

I invite you to explore the easier, less costly alternative ways to divorce including mediation and collaborative process. These are family-friendly processes of negotiation that strive for a win-win resolution.

I have focused my practice and my professional development on alternative dispute resolution. Working together in an atmosphere of respect and dignity, we will craft a mutually satisfying outcome for both you and your spouse in an informal though structured setting at your pace, with your privacy insured. If necessary, I will refer you to educational programs, financial planners, accountants, real estate agents or coaches who will help you build your future and create your new family dynamic.

Personal attention is the hallmark of my professional career. I handle every case myself. I am committed to using alternate routes to replace traditional litigation.

Van Tassel Law offers a wide range of other services including; elder law and estate matters. I encourage you to visit my website below to learn more.

Contact me for a free half-hour consultation, when you are faced with any problem that requires expert, legal action.

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