NJCCPG Takes Seattle 2018 Forum








The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Group members attended the 2018 Seattle Forum of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. We spent the weekend learning and sharing and exchanging ideas with the global community. We received amazing collaborative training and participated in the inaugural global pin exchange. Lots of professionals were seeking out our NJ pins so next year we need to bring even more!

2018 Seattle annual IACP Forum

Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey had three members attend the 2018 Seattle annual IACP Forum this past October.

IACP Forum 2018

Left to right:
Marcia Werner, Shireen Meistrich, and Mitchell Arons.
There was lots of in depth learning and collaborative training available all weekend long. The full group will also meet on Wednesday November 7th to share the learning and wonderful training with our larger collaborative CDANJ community.
We are already planning for the 2019 Forum in Chicago!

Celebrating Stu Webb and 25 years of Collaborative Practice!

Dear All,
Boy, did we have an amazing time celebrating Stu Webb and 25 years of collaborative practice! It was a wonderful experience to be together and learn and socialize! Sharon Clancy said it was like being at a collaborative college with your good friends!
It was also very moving for me to accept the Presidency of the IACP and be so supported! Thank you!
We thought you would enjoy a photo of our group with Stu Webb!
We look forward to our Forum Debrief with Megan facilitating us on Wednesday 10/28 at 12:30 pm in Bill’s conference room!
See you all soon,


Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey

Collaborative Colleagues Celebrate Latest Achievement of Paul Kreisinger

Paul KreisingerCollaborative colleagues celebrate the latest achievement of Paul Kreisinger. On July 24, 2015, at the Mekong Delta Restaurant, in Ridgewood, NJ, Paul Kreisinger, esq, MSW, was celebrated for becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has recently opened his private psychotherapy practice, in Ridgewood, in addition to his law practice. Paul, a Renaissance man, regaled his mental health colleagues with his professional ventures, as well as his nonprofessional activities. He is husband to a professional wife, doting father of an accomplished daughter, a musician and more lately, an exercise aficionado in addition to attending conferences far and wide. Attending mental health professionals, Shireen Meistrich, Elisabeth Curshen , Toby Friedman and Sharon Klempner admired his endless energy and good humor.
All enjoyed a scrumptious meal, chosen and prepared by the chef, and the camaraderie between members of the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey. We not only support each other professionally but also enjoy each other’s company, a plus, in trust, when working together as a team for clients.


DATE:  JUNE 12, 2014

CONTACT: VALERIE BROWN, ESQ., LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL, 215-933-9978, ValerieBrown95@gmail.com.


Today, the New Jersey State Legislature took a major step forward toward empowering families to divorce with dignity and self-esteem, without resort to conventional litigation. The Assembly Judiciary Committee unanimously released A-1477, the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act. S-1224, the Senate counterpart to A-1477, was unanimously released by the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 24th and the Senate Budget Committee on June 5th.
The bills have received widespread bipartisan support throughout the State Legislature, as well as the endorsement of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA), New Jersey Law Revision Commission (NJLRC), and all five New Jersey Uniform Law Commissioners.

The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups spearheaded the efforts toward passage of the act with the support of its eight practice groups, consisting of hundreds of collaboratively trained professionals throughout New Jersey. Asm. Patrick Diegnan, Esquire (D-14) (Pictured at the far right in the above photograph), the Assembly bill’s prime sponsor, strongly praised the Council’s efforts in swiftly advancing the legislation.

Speaking at today’s Assembly Judiciary Committee meeting, Council Co-Chair Linda Piff, Esquire said, “My colleagues and I were determined to change the way people divorce in New Jersey. We started in 2004 with a small group of ten like-minded individuals and our movement has grown throughout the State. Collaborative law is a powerful idea whose time has come!”

Speaking on the Disqualification Clause in the bill, Council Co-Chair, Anna Maria Pittella, Esquire, said, “This bill creates an obligation on the attorney to focus only on negotiations and to use problem solving skills to break an impasse. It provides for team building that is needed to address all three parts of the divorce: legal, financial, and mental health.”

Finally, Council Co-Chair, Shireen Meistrich, LCSW, IACP President-Elect said, “I truly believe that the collaborative process is an agent of social change as it has the ability to truly shift the way we think about conflict and how we resolve it.”

Other Council members speaking in support of the bill included, John Caroli, CFP, Patricia Carney, Esquire, and Joesph Noto, Esquire. Jeralyn Lawrence, Esquire, Chair-Elect of NJSBA’s Family Law Section and Laura Tharney, Esquire, NJLRC Executive Director, rounded out vigorous testimony in support of the bill.

The bills now head for a vote before both Houses of the State Legislature.