“What Maisie Knew” : A Child’s Vision

Rivertown Film, in Nyack, NY, will be  showing “What Maisie Knew” on October 9, at 8:00pm.  Based on the Henry James novel, this tale of marital spite, sexual jealousy and weakness is  viewed through the prism of a child who doesn’t understand everything she  witnesses.  She rebounds between her acrimoniously divorcing parents and is a pawn in a bitter competition.  She learns that neither parent will protect her despite their sincere but empty declarations of love.  Julianne Moore portrays Maisie’s unbalanced mother whose needs for love far surpass what she is able to give.

Following the film,  Kenneth Silvestri, PhD and Sharon Klempner, MSW will lead a post-film discussion and offer ways to possibly forestall divorce or , if inevitable, come apart in a respectful manner that benefits children and their parents during  an emotionally trying time

“My Client Is Divorcing. Now What !”

On November 20, 2013, Larry J. Esposito, Esq., current president of the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group, will be joined by former NJCLG member, Shari M. Reffsin, CFP, ADFA, in a presentation at the regional meeting of the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey, to be held in Paramus, New Jersey.  The topic will be “My Clients are Divorcing.  Now What!”  The presentation will include the pros and cons of various divorce options, including collaborative divorce, mediation and traditional litigation.  The speakers will offer suggestions as to which divorce process will likely be most effective for couples in varying situations.  The role of the certified divorce financial analyst will be explored and clarified.


This documentary is a ‘must see’ for any parent contemplating divorce. It’s full of spontaneity and wisdom, straight from the mouths of children who have weathered the experience, each in his or her own way. It will impress, inform and touch children and adults who view it. Often children don’t share all of their feelings to their parents, for various reasons. They may be too angry or hurt and don’t want to further upset their parents, among other reasons. We professionals who viewed the film have been offering the same advice to divorcing parents, for many years, but we were all deeply touched by the children expressing their own divorce experiences. We learn how they felt, feared and coped. Ellen Bruno, director and producer, captured both the innocence and sturdiness of these adorable and open children, each coming from a different divorce experience, as they negotiated their own solutions.

To learn more about “Split” Google the title or go to EllenBruno .com.

Sharon Klempner, MSW, LCSW, BCD