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collaborative practiceCollaborative Divorce  is a new path to respectful resolution. 

Welcome to the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey’s (CDANJ) home page.  Collaborative Law offers a non-adversarial, structured alternative to going to Court.  Our group of highly trained family lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial neutrals is dedicated to helping divorcing couples and families transition through a difficult and emotional time.

How do you know if Collaborative Law is the right divorce method for you? 

The following three principles are central to the process.  If they appeal to you, and to your spouse or partner, then you are probably good candidates for a Collaborative divorce.

  1. A pledge not to go to Court.
  2. An honest and open exchange of information between both spouses or partners.
  3. Solutions that address the needs and concerns of all family members.

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How does the Collaborative Divorce process differ from mediation?

collaborative divorce mediationWhile both mediation and Collaborative Law are non-adversarial processes, the professional team assembled in the Collaborative divorce method offers additional support to the family.  Each spouse has his or her own lawyer throughout and each receives individualized legal counsel from beginning to end.  This assures that both spouses feel empowered and safe during the negotiations.  Also, when the inevitable emotional issues arise, mental health professionals on a Collaborative team stand ready to smooth the way:  the divorce coach acts as a uniquely trained divorce communications specialist, helping to create new, positive ways of interaction; if children are involved, a child specialist will advise how best to preserve relationships among all family members.  A specially trained financial neutral reviews the finances through a lens of protecting each family member’s interests. This Collaborative Team is committed to the long-term well-being of all family members.

Please explore the site and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Collaborative Law has spread rapidly throughout the world.  Practice groups in over fourteen countries now boast more than five thousand practitioners.